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Excellent article. You have a God-given ability to turn words into thought provoking expressions.

As I read each word my mind drifted to my father’s diary. He was in the Navy and helped ferry many of those Marines onto Iwo Jima in his landing craft. He also helped bring back many of the wounded to his ship.

He never spoke about his service record. I only know about his encounters because, when he passed, my mother gave me his secret, hand-written record of his experiences in the Mediterranean and Pacific theaters.

Today, in my opinion, while we must remain informed, we should spend less time listening and reading to much of the mainstream media. In my small circle of family, friends and people I am familiar — many seem patriotic and ready to protect our American values and way of life. They see and feel what is happening to our freedoms.

History has proven time and time again — not everyone will rise to the challenge — we can only expect and need a few good men and women. It has been true since Washington crossed the Delaware. We are Americans.

Thank you for being an Officer of Marines. Keep up the great work — we need your reminders of what we had and must continue.

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Forgive the typos, please. It's difficult to write through tears. Let us not forget American history's orphan, the Korean War. https://sportingclassicsdaily.com/man-of-iron/

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A most excellent post with a great question. America and the West are populated with children in adult bodies.

I knew people that ended up in Viet Nam. One friend who is gone now was a Marine sniper at 18 years old! I can't even imagine what we have walking down our streets doing that. They would die of fright as soon as they got drafted!

My wife's cousin also gone now did two tours in Viet Nam. The second so his younger brother would not have to go. He told her a story about being in a swamp under water breathing through a reed for THREE days because they got caught behind enemy lines! Again. Can't even imagine young people today surviving that!

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