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This is among your best work in every aspect — “Federalist” worthy. We had a family predicament today and I would like to submit a more thoughtful comment — worthy of the effort you expended.

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Lots of great thoughts. Maybe part of the problem is that we need leaders, but we have rulers. Yes, Reagan led. And the king George Bush I, ruled.

(Come to think of it though, I'm not even sure that I need to be led. Maybe I can figure out what to do for in my life for myself. Maybe the government regulators should just do their jobs and leave the rest of us alone as much as possible? In fact, I think that is how it is supposed to work.)

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Astute observations. At the political level, we are a bit short of leaders. Not getting into who should or would run for President, Governor Desantis stood practically alone against the Covid scam. He stands against the insanity going on in schools, Disney, etc. Governor Sarah Huckabee seems impressive. She obliterated Biden and progressives with her rebuttal speech and is doing great things in her state for kids and schools for example.

Out of politics, James O'keefe is certainly fearless and has been a leader in his campaign to expose the left, particularly his destructed of Pfizer, who of course got into his organization for revenge.

I think we will be okay

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