Congratulations! You always string a story together well. And a great topic. The Star Spangled Banner was the topic on another essay with comments "it is a terrible song written by a man who persecuted slaves", blah, blah. I of course corrected their flawed history.

Happy Independence Day to you and your family and thank you for your service keeping us safe🙏

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Bravo! Ms. Dana’s comment — “what a terrific piece” was more than astute — it was a home run. Your ability to continuously raise the bar with your timely, thoughtful & superbly written, essays are always a treasured gift. This particular “These Colors Never Run” commentary checks so many personal boxes. Let’s just say our family backgrounds, flag flying rituals & historical respect are in sync. We also have a family member story concerning the LA Dodgers & Tommy Lasorda — a tale for another time.

How you weave interesting, relevant quotes into your subject matter is a hallmark of interesting & intelligent authorship. This line from the Teddy Rosevelt quote: “We only have the right to life as free men so long as we show ourselves worthy of the privileges that we enjoy.” This epitomizes why everyone should respect “Old Glory.”

Congratulations on the birth of Birdie Anne. Early is always better than late.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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What a terrific piece! I admire everything you write, but this may be my favorite. I'm bawling like a baby.

I am looking forward to the next one!

Congratulations on your new little Birdie. I love her name. You are blessed!

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What a stirring work of art! As a little added nugget here is my essay about Betsy Ross.


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