That was a very pleasant read. Thank you for the history lesson about where Western style came from.

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Our dogs woke up earlier than usual this morning. When we came back I settled into a comfy chair and both dogs settled down on each side. I opened my phone to see what the world had to say about the state of things. Much to my astonishment — your rhinestone rodeo was the first thing charging out of the chute. What wonderful timing! Chinese balloons, untruths on the Potomac and WW III cheerleaders. What a welcome relief!

Your ability to choose rarified subject matter, supported by your research work ethic and talent with words, results in memorable essays I want to read, reread and share with family and friends.

As a preteen, I wore some western outfits, without the rhinestones. In high school, I moved on to more of the dapper Peter Gunn style. My entire professional career was molded mostly by Brooks Brothers and a little Ralph Lauren. However, in retirement, I pretty much reverted to my roots. I’m writing this comment in cowboy boots, Wrangler jeans, a tooled leather belt with a modest buckle and a western tailored, understated plaid shirt thinking — a few rhinestones might be nice…

After reading your essay — the second thing that popped up was a Boot Barn message thanking me for signing up yesterday to receive emails. The stars aligned. It was going to be a good day.

Thank you for this great essay. Keep up the great work. Diversions and sanity are needed more than ever.

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