Brilliant piece Jenna... one that needed writing! Over time, AI will doubtless result in the rich becoming more powerful and the poor more oppressed.

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Excellent essay. Something that caught my attention:

"Elon Musk and Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak are among the prominent technologists and artificial intelligence researchers who have signed an open letter calling for a six-month moratorium on the development of advanced A.I. systems."


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"...to see emergent technologies, not as a means of unlocking another barrier to creativity, connectedness, and exploration but rather to throw it back in our faces in the form of censorship to protect us from ourselves, an escalation of 'safetyism' that has been in vogue since the government decided to save us from Big Tobacco."

Yes. government regulators see anything new as an opportunity for more regulation. I think the first technology to be regulated by the federal government was steamship boilers, which sometimes exploded. Steamship boilers are long gone, but we are left with exploding government regulation, which is causing vastly more harm than the steamship boilers could ever have imagined.

On one day last week, the Financial Times had three articles calling for government regulation of AI.

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